The Strange Disappearance On Station Eleven

An online sci-fi adventure set aboard a mysteriously empty space station, with a noir flavour. Investigate what happened to the crew, and don’t get yourself spaced! Noir-esque narration, humour and story come together in a fun romp through a small station on the outskirts of space.

With a shared inventory system, a catch-up option and other fun ways to interact with your friends, this game is designed to make you feel like you’re all working together… even while apart.

This is a complex adventure recommended for more seasoned puzzle-solvers – it requires you to piece together information you’ve seen to come up with conclusions! We suggest taking your time to explore, as there’s no time limit.

Being a NON-HOSTED game, there’s no set play time. Simply purchase a code and use it within 6 months, simple as that! All purchased codes are provided immediately, so you can play as soon as you purchase.

You can check if this game will work on your computer by clicking here to try our demo.


$40 AUD per code

(Earlybird discount – normal price $50 per code)

One code is valid for a team of up to SIX PLAYERS – though we recommend 2-4 for the best experience.

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